Interpreting court cards in a result place.

Interpreting court cards in a result place.

Ah, i recall being uncomfortable with court cards, too . But try not to allow them to toss you, regardless if they can be found in outcome positions.

Court cards can represent people in sometimes the querent’s life . . . so that the Queen of Wands due to the fact result could suggest, for instance, your buddy will quickly get advice or assistance from a very good figure that is female her life.

Another possibility that we think about to become more likely is the fact that Queen of Wands due to the fact result may have been suggesting that your particular buddy would prosper to make an effort to embody the characteristics with this Queen – to stay control, to be innovative, to allow her fiery side show, etc. etc.

Obviously, these are merely two among many opportunities . . . with no knowledge of the precise concern and also the spread utilized plus the other cards drawn, it is hard to offer further remark. But try not to be daunted by the Courts . . . just take into account the characteristics and “personalities” of every Court figure and allow that show you whenever doing readings. So when genna stated, there are numerous books that are good to assist you because of the court cards, too .

When a court card comes up as the outcome card another card is pulled by me until we dont get a court. this does work for me personally while the regular card functions like a clarifer when it comes to court or exactly what that individual can do, things to look out for.

an example I am able to provide you with is a reading I did so on myself working with my relationship, things had been only a little rocky but appeared like these people were planning to turnaround. while the result i pulled the master of cups, then your queen of cups, then your trick. making sure that explained that my spouce and I had been going to have a beginning that is new a new oppurtunity looking forward to us. Continua a leggere Interpreting court cards in a result place.