How Serious is Sexting a small? Simply Ask Anthony Weiner pt.2

How Serious is Sexting a small? Simply Ask Anthony Weiner pt.2

Other Celebrities Caught Sexting

Whilst the Anthony Weiner instance has become the many prominent, there are more a-listers who’ve been ashamed by sexting (while not to a small like Weiner did, consequently maybe perhaps perhaps not unlawful). Jennifer Lopez’ boyfriend—and high-profile baseball player—Alex Rodriguez, reportedly asked an other woman, physical fitness model, Lauren Hunter, to sext him a photograph of her participating in a intimate act. In accordance with Hunter, she and Rodriquez dated last year, together with remained in contact from the time. Despite Hunter’s claims, other people state the rumors just are not the case.

Padraig harrington, the darling of this golf worlds, saw his marriage—and his career—fall aside last year whenever their infidelities stumbled on light. Woods had been sexting and cheating with more than a dozen women—one of whom published significantly more than 100 sexts she and Tiger presumably sent the other person with a website that is personal. Finally, Bachelorette celebrity, Emily Maynard, ended up being caught giving racy text messages—while she ended up being on holiday along with her fiance’ Jef Holm—to Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt Leinart.

Sexting when you look at the continuing State of Mississippi

A person who takes, possesses, creates or distributes the image or images of a minor who is engaged in a sexually explicit action could be prosecuted under Mississippi’s child pornography laws although the free online chat room austrian no registration state of Mississippi does not currently have specific sexting statutes. The state did try to develop a sexting law, though the proposition would not pass. Continua a leggere How Serious is Sexting a small? Simply Ask Anthony Weiner pt.2